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June 2010

  • Ohio

    Cedar Falls in Spring, Hocking Hills, Ohio, USA

    06.25.10 | Permalink | 2 Comments

    I’m getting ready for an epic 6-week Colorado and Utah trip, for which I leave in just five days! Here’s a photo taken in April of this year from a short trip I made to Ohio’s Hocking Hills region. I loved the streams and waterfalls there, and Cedar Falls was one of my favorites!

  • -News-

    Interview in Spring/Summer 2010 Nature’s Best Photography Magazine

    06.11.10 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    Hey everybody,

    I have a feature article/interview in the newest (Spring/Summer 2010) Nature’s Best Photography Magazine… Woo-hoo! It just came out this week.

  • North Carolina

    Ghosts of the Pisgah, Balsam Mountains, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

    Here’s another from the hauntingly beautiful and stormy evening a few nights ago along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’m heading home now. It was a very successful trip, and I’ve come away with plenty of images and a few stories that I can’t wait to share, but for now I must drive home!

  • North Carolina

    Stormy Summer Sunsets, Balsam Mountains, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

    06.02.10 | Permalink | 11 Comments

    I am currently in the field but thought I’d take the time to quickly process and post two images from last night. The area has been socked in with thunderstorms, clouds, and fog over the past three days. While this has made for great conditions photographing the forests, streams, waterfalls, and some foggy/misty-looking landscapes, it sure hadn’t afforded me any nice sunrise or sunset conditions until last night! I had been up on the Blue Ridge parkway for a few hours, photographing in the fog and rain, and was basically driving around aimlessly, looking for a spot to photograph the sunset that I figured would probably not happen. I came across a spot near the parkway with some big ~15′ boulders, climbed on top of them, and found a few compositions I liked. So, I decided to wait there for a while and see what would happen. Luckily, about five minutes before sunset, there was a rather large break in the lower level of clouds, and mother nature granted me a fifteen minute window to photograph this beautiful scene.

    The clouds and fog teased me plenty of times, looking as if they were about to thin out a bit, but then coming back in full force, seeming to stifle my hopes for a dramatic and colorful sunset. Still, I stuck with it, and my patience rewarded me.

  • North Carolina

    Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, USA

    06.01.10 | Permalink | 1 Comment


    Still out on my Blue Ridge trip… Yesterday was relatively uneventful, but today had some nice rainy weather in which I photographed several waterfalls, and had an absolutely fantastic sunset that I’ll share images of soon. Pictured below is one of the waterfalls that I photographed today, Looking Glass Falls. To obtain this perspective, I put my river sandals on and waded into thigh deep water, which was honestly quite pleasant. I’ll be sure to share more soon, and post a new version of this image once I return to my calibrated monitor at home!