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November 2010

  • Arizona

    Navajo Wave at Sunset II, Navajo Nation, Arizona, USA

    Here’s the second image I kept from this outing. To achieve this effect in the sky, I stacked five 30-second exposures during sunset’s brightest colors. Sorry for the brief post!

  • Arizona

    Navajo Wave at Sunset, Navajo Nation, Arizona, USA

    11.04.10 | Permalink | 1 Comment

    I’m currently out shooting along the coast, hoping to make the best of the conditions: low tides at sunset, dramatic cloud formations from an incoming fall storm, and fairly non-hazy skies. So far, I have nothing, but I’ll have another chance tonight before I have to head back to Olympia for class Friday.

    Here’s one of two I’ll be sharing from my adventures this past summer. This spot is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation, and I had to get a special hiking permit to legally access it.