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September 2011

  • Montana

    Avalanche Gorge, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

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    During my visit to Glacier National Park this past August, I photographed Avalanche Gorge on a few separate occasions, seeking whatever new perspectives I could of this oft-photographed, rather iconic location. Avalanche Creek, blue due to minerals and sediments in glacial runoff, cuts a narrow chasm into red rock for just a few hundred incredibly beautiful yards.

    Looking, Down, Avalanche, Gorge, Blue, Tinted, Glacial, Runoff, Red, Rock, Deep, Mossy, Canyon, Glacier, National, Park,

    Looking down Avalanche Gorge : Prints Available

    Looking, Up, Avalanche, Gorge, Glacier, National, Park, Mineral, Tinted, Blue, Glacial, Runoff, Beautiful, Mossy, Canyon

    Looking up Avalanche Gorge : Prints Available

  • United States

    Summer Storms in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

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    Well, it sure has been a long time since I last updated this blog. This year has been extremely busy for me, with being in school full time, a five-week tour with my band, an extended visit back home in Virginia, and a healthy dose of summer shooting out west.

    Earlier in the month, I spent about ten days in Montana’s insanely beautiful Glacier National Park. It was my first visit to the park, and I was thoroughly excited and impressed by the tall, rugged, and beautiful peaks, beautiful alpine meadows, deep glacier-cut valleys, beautiful deep-blue lakes, and the (tiny) glaciers themselves. On top of that, the summer thunderstorm cycle was in full effect, providing beautiful and dramatic light most evenings.

    Stormy, St., Mary, Lake, Sunset, Monsoon, Thunderstorm, Clear, Sunset, Glacier, National, Park, USA

    Stormy St. Mary’s Lake at Sunset : Prints Available

    I had the excitement of seeing dozens of Mountain Goats and Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, and I even got to see a Wolverine! Despite the two million visitors-per-year that the park sees, wildlife seemed to flourish and just about any area away from Going-to-the-sun road and Logan Pass seemed to be just as pristine and wild as anywhere in the mountains.

    Rocky, Mountain, Bighorn, Ram, Glacier, National, Park, Montana, USA, Sheep

    Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram : Prints Available

    And, like I said, good light was plentiful. It was a great trip, and I will certainly return in years to come.

    Triple Falls at Sunset : Prints Available