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    Autumn Foliage on the Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina, USA

    Before making my way out west to Arizona and Utah, I made a brief visit to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Having just had such great conditions in West Virgina, and wishing to squeeze what I can out of this (seemingly rare) stroke of good luck, I figured it would be a good idea to head down the Allegheny and into the Blue Ridge Mountains, in western North Carolina. Just as had been the case in West Virginia, most of the foliage reports proclaimed “past-peak” conditions for all of the the high country, yet conditions were incredible all over the region, save for the absolute highest elevations in the area. I think from this point forward, when planning autumn photo trips in the east, I will simply aim for mid to late season, and try my best to remember that many foliage reports or updates are just flat out wrong.


    Fall Fogliage II : Prints Available

    Anyhow, those of you familiar with photographing fall foliage may know just how magical it can be in a brilliant, autumn-hued forest on a foggy, misty, or drizzly day. I was lucky enough to have an entire day and a half of near-perfect conditions for photographing waterfalls and forest scenes; bright overcast skies, with a (usually) light mist falling from the clouds, patchy fog, and relatively calm winds. The bright overcast skies allowed me to keep my shutter speeds reasonably quick, while the precipitation brought water levels up considerably, and allowed my polarizer to do its job eliminating glare from wet and colorful leaves. On top of that, the intermittent pockets of fog provided an extra degree of dimension to many of the scenes I photographed, adding layers to otherwise flatter-feeling compositions.


    Autumn’s Boquet : Prints Available

    I finally made my first visit to the Glen Falls, a spot in the Nantahala National Forest that I have wanted to visit for years. I was initially a bit disappointed by this fallen tree, and the way the deep green rhododendrons had come in and choked out many of the other plants growing alongside this stream, but as soon as I looked through my viewfinder, and that light fog blew in, I was absolutely elated. Sometimes I can be such a baby!


    Autumn Glen : Prints Available

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    Ghosts of the Pisgah, Balsam Mountains, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

    Here’s another from the hauntingly beautiful and stormy evening a few nights ago along the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’m heading home now. It was a very successful trip, and I’ve come away with plenty of images and a few stories that I can’t wait to share, but for now I must drive home!

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    Stormy Summer Sunsets, Balsam Mountains, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina

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    I am currently in the field but thought I’d take the time to quickly process and post two images from last night. The area has been socked in with thunderstorms, clouds, and fog over the past three days. While this has made for great conditions photographing the forests, streams, waterfalls, and some foggy/misty-looking landscapes, it sure hadn’t afforded me any nice sunrise or sunset conditions until last night! I had been up on the Blue Ridge parkway for a few hours, photographing in the fog and rain, and was basically driving around aimlessly, looking for a spot to photograph the sunset that I figured would probably not happen. I came across a spot near the parkway with some big ~15′ boulders, climbed on top of them, and found a few compositions I liked. So, I decided to wait there for a while and see what would happen. Luckily, about five minutes before sunset, there was a rather large break in the lower level of clouds, and mother nature granted me a fifteen minute window to photograph this beautiful scene.

    The clouds and fog teased me plenty of times, looking as if they were about to thin out a bit, but then coming back in full force, seeming to stifle my hopes for a dramatic and colorful sunset. Still, I stuck with it, and my patience rewarded me.

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    Looking Glass Falls, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, USA

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    Still out on my Blue Ridge trip… Yesterday was relatively uneventful, but today had some nice rainy weather in which I photographed several waterfalls, and had an absolutely fantastic sunset that I’ll share images of soon. Pictured below is one of the waterfalls that I photographed today, Looking Glass Falls. To obtain this perspective, I put my river sandals on and waded into thigh deep water, which was honestly quite pleasant. I’ll be sure to share more soon, and post a new version of this image once I return to my calibrated monitor at home!

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    Linville Falls, Linvile Gorge Wilderness, Pisgah National Forest, North Carolina, USA

    Hey everybody,

    I’m currently on a photo trip in North Carolina, shooting on and around the Blue Ridge Parkway. Having arrived to the area yesterday in the late afternoon, I figured that I’d be able to make the most out of the remainder of the day by hiking down into the Linville Gorge. Linville Falls is a beautiful 45-foot waterfall located on… you guessed it– the Linville River. There are a multitude of trails in and around the gorge, each providing different views of the waterfall, river, and surrounding mountains, I chose to hike down into the gorge and get a more up close and personal view of the falls. After spending thirty minutes running around below the falls cleaning natural debris and litter (ugh!!!) from the site, I had a little while to shoot before the sun retreated for the evening. Here’s a quickly laptop-processed shot from this past evening.

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    Sunset over the Plott Balsams, Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

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    …and the processing continues! Here’s a shot I made during late October in North Carolina. I shot the sunset somewhere else, and it was pretty uneventful. I was driving back to my campsite when I realized there were some clouds blowing in, and that there was still a good bit of color in the sky. I set up my gear and this 60-second exposure was one of a dozen I pulled off before the light was too low.


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    Winter pays a visit to the Blue Ridge

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    Hey everyone, here’s a long one!

    This morning was AWESOME! Forecasts were calling from ¬†anything between a dusting of snow to two inches. There were four inches when I woke up at my campsite! I was up at about 6000ft on Black Balsam Knob, which is right off the Blue Ridge Parkway. They usually close the parkway when any substantial snow falls, so my thought was that I’d rather get locked in, as opposed to locked out. I don’t say this often, but man, was that a good idea!

    I woke up and found a note under my windshield wiper teling me that the parkway was closed, and instructing me as to which gate was left unlocked for me to exit. So, I had a six mile stretch of the parkway that was available for me to shoot, and I made the most of it until the light was too harsh.

    The foliage up there was past peak for the most part, but I managed to find a few good spots. Here’s one of a couple I really like from the shoot. I was shooting this particular location for over an hour and a half. I’d compose an image, and then wait for the wind/snow to blow in just the right direction.

    I’m on my way to Fort Payne, Alabama right now. I have to be in McAllen, Texas on the 6th. it looks like the south end of the Blue Ridge is going to have some amazing color this fall, but I don’t think its going to happen for another 10-15 days. So, instead of shooting in summer-like conditions and being bummed that I’m not getting peak foliage, I’m going to head on over to Arkansas and Oklahoma and shoot there for the next week.

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    In the Smokies


    I’m now in Gatlinburg, TN, grabbing some wi-fi. The fall foliage is not so hot around here, with most areas past peak, green with high amounts of leaf drop, or just simply green! I don’t anticipate staying in this area for too long, but I should stay for a few days and see what the forecasted cold nights will do, as it’s supposed to be in the 20′s a few nights in a row. I think the leaf drop over here has been too great for the color to be very good, though. I’m hoping to catch some good color around the Linville Gorge, which was just starting to turn when I visited last week. I’m also hoping to catch some decent color around southern parts of the state, and even into South Carolina/Georgia before I have to be in Texas on November 7th.

    I’m toying with the idea of calling it quits on the Blue Ridge around Nov 1st, and going to shoot somewhere closer to Texas. Maybe the Ozarks, or maybe even the Wichita Mountains of Oklahoma (there’s a Buffalo herd in the refuge out there, which would be pretty cool to photograph.) Let me know if you have any ideas!

    Here’s a photograph I made from Black Balsam Knob, NC on the morning of the 23rd. I wouldn’t typically compose an image like this, but I feel like it worked in this instance.

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    Update from NC!

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    Well, as I had feared, I’ve fallen behind in processing and keeping on top of the new photographs I’ve been making every day out here. I’m writing this from a Taco Bell in Boone, North Carolina. This morning I shot a bit around the Clinch Ranger District, in SW Virginia, before I made it down to NC. I photographed Linville Falls in gorgeous fog this afternoon, and I plan to photograph the Gorge tomorrow in some way or another for sunrise and sunset.

    I’m going to go ahead and schedule some image posts, to show you guys some of the images I’ve been making. I may or may not have a chance to get back on in the next few days. Keeping on top of my new images is my top priority. If I do get back on, I’ll just have a few instances with two blog posts in a single day.

    Here’s an take on a Wood Duck that you don’t usually see…