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Crested Caracara

11.13.08 | 8 Comments

Hey everybody,

Here is a photograph of a Crested Caracara, who is eyeing up a hunk of deer meat that I strategically placed on the ground. I set up this perch hoping to photograph the Caracara and Harris’ Hawks with a clean background, and it worked!



  • Roger says:

    Great pictue and great job in setting the shot up!

  • Kari Post says:

    Awesome shot Alex. I love Harris Hawks. I wish I was there!

  • sweet! Nicely done. I never knew if the predictability of these birds lived up to their advertised reputation. You haven’t managed green kingfisher down there yet have you?

  • Jaci says:

    You make even the ugliest birds look nice.

  • Joe Rossbach says:

    Too cool! looks like your having a blast. Now step outside of that box and start making some images of the wildlife that are not simply portraits. I know you can. Get creative Alex! My challenge to you sir. Your turn, Joe.

  • modyphoto says:

    Geez, thanks for all the comments, guys (and girls.)

    Kari, Harris Hawks are MEAN. They look cool, though. You’ll make it here at some point, I’m sure of it. With Chris’ 35 miles per gallon, you can split fuel costs and have it effectively be 70 miles a gallon each. Just do it…

    Matthew, I think they are a bit more unpredictable then people say. It’s not like they’re instantly there on whatever dead meat you leave out, BUT, they seem to be around most of the time. I think its the type of thing where you can get what you want two thirds of the time, provided that weather is good for it. Green Kingfisher will be next week. I WILL get one. Ringed is a whole different story though. I sure wish I could find one of those.

    Jaci, They’re beautiful. I appreciate what you’re saying though. Thanks!

    Joe, I have been having a blast. Please respond to my e-mail because I need your new phone number. I’m trying to step out of that box. It’s hard here because almost everything other than the wildlife is pretty ugly. They’ve had too much rain, so it drowned all the mesquite trees around here. I suspect I’ll be able to do better with that when I’m in the mountains. I’m trying!

  • Alex – we did have a lot of rain but it didn’t drown “all” the mesquite trees! And now that it’s springtime most of them have greened back up and it’s “pretty” as it can get. Just this am two Cara Cara showed up with their two fledglings! It was interesting to see the different colored plumage and faces! Come back again to South Texas soon! Kent

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