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Eleven from 2011

01.19.12 | 4 Comments

Looking back upon 2011, the first thought that comes to my mind is just how extremely busy and interesting this year was for me. Between becoming more comfortable and rooted in my new home, awesome times photographing the grand northwestern landscapes (as opposed to the mid-Atlantic,) being enrolled full-time at the Evergreen State College, traveling the continent with my band, my experiences in the Autumn, traveling and teaching photographic workshops with Joseph Rossbach, and the personal growth I feel I have achieved over this past year, quite frankly, it is completely beyond me how I had a single ounce of time to sleep – or breathe!

Photographically speaking, it seems 2011 has really marked a year of transition for me. In 2011 I found myself photographing less wildlife than ever, and I truly do not regret it. I came to the realization that I will never be able to focus on both landscape and wildlife photography the way I would like to, and I chose to continue following what I feel really beckons to me.

Anyhow, these eleven images, my personal favorites from the past year, were chosen for a whole slew of reasons. It was a bit difficult to choose just eleven, and to be honest, I don’t think I could have said that at the end of any previous year. These photographs are not in any particular order.

Autumn Sunrise from Bear Rocks : Prints Available


Into the Abyss : Prints Available



Forbidden Passage : Prints Available


Triple Falls at Sunset : Prints Available


Painted Sunset : Prints Available


Short-eared Owl : Prints Available



Sunrise over Mount Rainier : Prints Available


Fire, Wave, On, Fire, Valley, Of, Fire, State, Park, Nevada, USA, Mody, Low, Receding, Pressure, Sunset, Light, Valley,

Fire Wave Fire : Prints Available



Archangel Cascades : Prints Available



Fall Fogliage II : Prints Available


New Life : Prints Available


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