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Lesser Scaup and Canvasback

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Tundra Swan at last light, Choptank River, Maryland

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Hey everybody,

Yesterday afternoon I drove out to Cambridge, Maryland to photograph some waterfowl on the Choptank River. It was a great afternoon, as I was able to make images of Tundra Swan, Canvasback, Redhead, American Widgeon, and Lesser Scaup. The light was good, the water was relatively calm, and it wasn’t too cold. I had expected it to be very crowded with birders due to the Eurasian Widgeon and Tufted Duck sightings, but that wasn’t the case. I came across this Tundra Swan with about five minutes of sunlight left in the day. It was fairly far out, but I set up my gear and waited anyway. Much to my happiness, after not even a minute, it swam in much closer and I was able to make this image. I really love the way super low-angle sunlight almost seems to make white birds glow.



Wood Duck in Autumn Reflections

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…another Wood Duck from Ohio!


West Virginia

West Virginia day trip

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I took a day trip out to Blackwater Falls and the Monongahela National Forest today. The roads were horrible! I got stuck in the snow multiple times and was lucky to have been able to get out on my own. I guess that’s what I get for driving past a “no snow removal beyond this point” sign. Go figure…

Anyhow, here are two quickly processed shots. The first is of Blackwater Falls, and the second is of hoar frost coated trees near Thomas, WV. Shooting conditions were tough, and I’m not too sure yet of how I did photographically. At least I had a good time!




Wood Duck Drake in Autumn Reflections

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Who doesn’t like Wood Ducks? They are definitely among the most unique looking North American birds, and a personal favorite to photograph. Even if you’re not into birds, they’re just awesome looking ducks.

In the second week of October last year, I traveled to Cleveland, OH to photograph Wood Ducks. There’s a park that’s a few miles east of the city where Wood Ducks are extremely tame, and have even been known to eat corn from people’s hands. Going in peak autumn color makes for some very unique and interesting photo ops. As you can see here, by standing higher then I normally would for photographing waterfowl, I am able to photograph the Wood Duck with the reflections of the autumn trees on the water. Here’s one of a few I’m going to share with you.



Lost Land Falls Panoramic, Potomac State Forest, Maryland.

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Hey everybody,

…the photo processing continues! Looks like weather will prevent me from getting out to Barnegat Light this week. Maybe I’ll try West Virginia if the snow forecast takes a turn for the better… We’ll see. I have to get out and shoot SOMETHING, though.

Anyway, I’ve been having a bit of fun with these autumn panos. Here’s one of Lost Land Falls, from the Potomac State Forest, just outside of Oakland, Maryland. This is an extremely photogenic set of falls and I think I like the 67 megapixel pano treatment here. Let me know if you disagree, though. I’m still not too sure about this one.


West Virginia

Mirror Pond Reflection #2, Canaan Valley State Park, West Virginia

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…Another from Mirror Pond.


West Virginia

Mirror Pond Reflection #1, Canaan Valley State Park, West Virginia

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Since I’ve been back, I have probably put 10-15 hours into processing the photos from my journey, and I’m only through with six days of shooting. It’s definitely a good thing I like this part too. I haven’t been able to dive into it the way I’d like, however, because I have to study for my SAT on Saturday. I’m not looking forward to it!

I’m going to be posting images from my long trip for the next few months, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be getting out to shoot as well. I’m going to get out to Barnegat Light, New Jersey for a day or two next week to photograph waterfowl and whatever else comes around.

Here’s one of over 200 images I shot at Mirror Pond on this incredible rainy morning. The color of the leaves was just fantastic. I made some of my favorite autumn images of the year from this location.


West Virginia

Fall Foliage Pano

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Hey everybody,

I don’t do these too often, but here’s a pano I shot back in West Virginia at the beginning of last October. Chris and I returned to these woods multiple times, in just about all imaginable light conditions: overcast, rainy, backlit, and directly lit. This image in particular was shot in bright overcast conditions, which, besides thick fog, are my favorite conditions to photograph fall foliage scenes.

This is a stitch of about 8 vertical images. It’s approximately 12000×5000 in size. Click the image to see it a bit larger than I’d usually post on here.


West Virginia

Early Autumn in Canaan Valley, WV

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Hey guys,

Here’s one from Canaan Valley, WV. The fall color out there was ridiculous. I’ve never seen anything like it, to be honest. The reds, especially… They were just unbelievable. I’ve enjoyed this shot because I feel like it shows the entire progression of Autumn, minus the barren limbs that occur afterward. It almost seems to fade from green to yellow, yellow to orange, then from orange to red. This makes for a very “complete” autumn image, if there ever was such a thing.