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2012.07.11: New Images

New ImagesI have posted a dozen or so new images in my Recent Work gallery. Feel free to take a look if you'd like!

2012.02.11: Red Fox Running in Snow to be featured in the Smithsonian Museum

Red Fox Running in Snow to be featured in the Smithsonian MuseumI am very pleased to announce that my image Red Fox Running in Snow has been featured as “highly honored” in the wildlife category of the Windland Smith Rice International Awards – a prestigious annual contest/exhibition run by the wonderful people over at Nature’s Best Photography. This image has been selected for exhibition in the Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian Museum of Natural History later this year. The exhibit will run for approximately six months, beginning on March 30th.

2011.11.18: Private Instruction information updated

Private Instruction information updatedI have just updated my private instruction and workshop offerings.

2011.05.18: New galleries posted!

New galleries posted!I have just posted nine new galleries to the site! Please feel free to take a look at my portfolios.

2010.06.11: Feature article/interview in Nature's Best Photography Magazine

Feature article/interview in Nature's Best Photography MagazineCheck out my feature article/interview in the Spring/Summer 2010 issue of Nature's Best Photography Magazine!

2010.05.18: Getting ready for a busy Summer

Getting ready for a busy SummerI'm getting ready for a busy Summer which will involve visits to North Carolina, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona!

2010.04.04: Three new galleris just posted!

Three new galleris just posted!I've just posted three new portfolios, with eighteen images each. Feel free to take a look! Now I begin work on my stock galleries, which will be quite an arduous task. I also have a new article, "Photographing Great Falls National Park," up on Naturescapes.Net now.

2010.01.13: Prints and About sections up and running!

Prints and About sections up and running!My site's "About" page, and integrated print sales are now up and running.

Also, for those of you who haven't seen, I have had the honor of being named Nature’s Best Photography’s Windland Smith Rice 2009 Youth Photographer of the year!

2009.11.25: Welcome!

Welcome!Welcome to the new! Please excuse the dust, as this site is still under construction. I should have everything up and running within a few weeks!