Instruction: Private Instruction

I am available year-round for private guiding and photographic instruction. I greatly enjoy sharing my expertise in landscape photography, wildlife photography, and related digital darkroom techniques with clients, and am more than eager to do so. I have multiple years of experience under my belt, working and developing a rapport with clients on both sides of the country. Whether you are a beginner seeking all-encompassing, step-by-step instruction in the field and/or classroom, an intermediate-level photographer with certain goals in mind, an advanced shooter looking for more of a "guide" than instructor -- or anywhere in between, I am absolutely confident that I will be able to meet your needs.

Prices start at $500/day for one participant, $350/day per person for 2-3 participants, and $300/day per person for 4-5 participants. I prefer to limit custom workshops and tours to just five participants, which allows me to be as alert and attentive as possible with participants in the field, and eliminates many of the hassles involved with traveling and working as part of a larger group.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please e-mail me to discuss specifics.

"Choosing your services did not come out to be a loss. You added value throughout the whole workshop. You are young, passionate, and with a clear vision that I envy. Do not lose your charm and keep doing what you are happy doing. Those who chose other photographers services and not yours do not know what they are missing - a person who is ready to help at every moment."
-Abdulla, Dubai, UAE

"Thanks for everything. I had an amazing time! I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to for the workshop, especially the sharpness issue. Thank you for the energy you put in to finding us some great shooting locations. Those were some pretty long days. I look forward to a future trip."
-Tim, North Carolina, USA

"Thank you for an amazing week in the Columbia River Gorge and Washington coast. Your knowledge of the area and weather patterns proved to be a critical part of how successful our private workshop was. Knowing efficiently when and where to go really separated this workshop from others I have attended. We enjoyed how kind and caring you were, and how much time you focused on us instead of taking your own images. I believe that out of all the workshops I've taken, we gained the most out of yours; and for a fraction of the price other photographers charge. Once again, thank you for helping us greatly improve our photography skills. We cannot wait to take more workshops with you in the future! "
-Paul and Kim, California, USA